Eric Jaber Sr

Piano, Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo  and Trombone.   

My Story

Mom said the neighbor is selling a piano and I’ll buy it if one of you take lessons.  I said “I’ll do it”.  That was me in 1963. Dragged through Bedford Stye in Brooklyn once a week to take piano lessons. I was hooked.  Mom sat behind me and learned a little on her own. Dad was a fan of blue grass and taught me my first guitar chords. My sister was a Beatle Freak but my older brother was a musician and I vowed to follow in his footsteps.  Through many church basement rehearsals and elementary school recitals by 1970 I was part of my brother’s road band. We worked together for 17 years. 

Next Steps…

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